Dencom Global Address Book

Dencom Global Address Book 3.65

This Dencom Global Address Book allows all users access a shared common database
3.65 (See all)

This Dencom Global Address Book is an application that allows all users access a shared central/common database for contact data from within an Microsoft Outlook email client, or an email client that supports Extended MAPI.The Application consists of 3 parts:

- Administration Utility: allows the administrator user to create and manage the databases.
- Dencom Global Address Book Client : which can run in 2 modes, allows Outlook or any email client that support Extended MAPI to access to the database file (Read/write mode) or the ?.GAB.XML file (view only mode) so the Contact details are available within the Email Client as an address book.
- Dencom Address Book Connect: this is an Outlook Addin which you can synchronize the Database content with a Microsoft Outlook Contacts folder. Great for Remote users.

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